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About Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center

Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center is here to give patients a new choice when it comes to caring for their health and wellness!  It's our vision to put the "care" back in healthcare.  

The patient's are the most important part of Family Care.  First, it should be easy to reach your Acupuncturist.  Family Care patients can reach their Acupuncturist directly by phone, email, Facebook, or text.  Next, we only offer deluxe appointments.  New patient visits routinely last 2.5 hours, and follow up visits are 1.5 hours long.  This deluxe scheduling allows for plenty of time to discuss a patient's questions or concerns, and enables  the Acupuncturist plenty of time to provide a detailed, comprehensive treatment experience every visit. Lastly, we accept most major health insurance and PIP for car accidents!  Schedule today!