About Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center

Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center is here to give patients a new choice when it comes to caring for their health and wellness!  It's our vision to put the "care" back in healthcare one appointment at a time! We offer a wide variety of natural options including Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Vitamin Supplements, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice to help you reach your health goals!

Keeping It Simple at Family Care Acupuncture & Health Center

Convenience is very important to our busy lifestyles!  


Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center makes getting connected to great care easy!


  • First, it's easy to reach your Acupuncturist.  

    • Family Care patients can reach their Acupuncturist directly by phone, email, Facebook, or text. 

  • Next, it's easy to get all your questions answered during your appointments.  

    • We only offer deluxe appointments.  New patient visits routinely last about 2 hours, and follow up visits over an hour long. This deluxe scheduling allows for plenty of time to discuss a patient's questions or concerns, and enables  the Acupuncturist plenty of time to provide a detailed, comprehensive treatment experience every visit.

  • It's easy to purchase the vitamins and  products recommended by your acupuncturist.

    • Most of the items you may need for home care are available in the office!

  • Lastly, we make it easy to afford care!  

    • We Accept most major health insurance and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for car accidents.  Schedule today!

Let's Connect!

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Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center
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