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When Skeptics F$@&:/ Up

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In a culture where gossip and news are fused, we present the standing POTUS.

Leadership is very important. Leadership sets the pace and sets the tone. If there is no responsibility, there is no leadership. There is no one to trust. There is nothing to stand upon, and there is nothing to have your back.

Currently, we live in the age of skepticism. Many self-identify as skeptics. The first problem with this skepticism is that is comes with arrogance. A skepticism that makes people “too cool to follow the rules.” This is a crowd that thinks – if everything is a conspiracy theory – why trust anything?

These skeptics are aware; they are smart, and they see the mountain of misinformation. The problem is that their bullshit meter has expanded so wide that now ALL general information is ignored from ALL sources. We think everything is bullshit. Absolutely no one is listening to anything. Even “generally considered smart” people don’t listen to urgent, serious information from highly credible sources.

Perhaps it’s from being constantly inundated with advertising? Perhaps it’s from being overwhelmed with celebrity news? Perhaps it’s because we’ve all fallen for lies too many times, and we are deeply jaded. It’s been a long time since we valued integrity.. like since the 1930’s long time.

The second problem with skeptics is that we are completely bias. We are “skeptics of convenience.” We are skeptics who conveniently believe the lies that make us comfortable. We believe the lie of being in control. The lie of independence. The delusion that physical strength and high overall health is found in a cheeseburger.

In our bias and arrogance, we’ve forgotten that within every sea of lies is a wave of truth. We stopped watching for it, and when the wave of truth appeared, we missed it.

The COVID-19 wave was true.

And we were too skeptical to see what was happening directly in front of us.

Perhaps if we see more value in integrity and begin to prioritize clear, strong leadership, we would know what information to listen to and we could use all the advancements we’ve made to prevent this kind of circumstance from happening again. Maybe now that the world has stopped, we will begin to listen. To prioritize listening for waves of truth. To prioritize integrity. To remember that the basics are the basics for a reason. To remember what really matters. And to reconnect our hearts and souls to that piece – family, love, our pets, walks, quality time. Shift back towards balance and operate from that place.

Integrating your life instead of compartmentalizing yourself. The magic that is happening during a time of external social distancing: you find internal social bonding.

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