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Meet Natalie Mich LAc:

The Owner and Lead Acupuncturist

Our Clinic's Values

We Give Personalized Care


At Family Care, we work with our patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets the patient's health needs and budget concerns.  "Cookie cutter" plans should only be used in a bakery - not a medical office!

Patient Education is a Priority


We talk with our patients about their health conditions so they  understand their symptoms.  We teach them about how their bodies work and explain different techniques that can be done at home to speed healing.  This may include discussions about general nutrition, exercise, stress management, and healthy lifestyle habits during their visits.

We Are Always Innovating


As medicine evolves, so does Family Care Acupuncture. We are regularly testing new products and learning new techniques. We are also deeply focused on best practices and how we can more richly serve our patients and community. We believe that it's the fusion of great techniques - both ancient and emerging - that provides great results.  

We Accept Health Insurance


Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center is In-Network with most major health insurance providers, and accepts Personal Injury Protection Insurance after an MVA or car accident.  

We Believe in Homework


Acupuncture treatment is even more effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle.  We recommend that all our patients stay hydrated, eat clean, and stretch daily. There is no replacement for taking care of yourself at home. You have to do the homework to live your best life.

A Variety of Treatments Offered

Acupuncture is NOT the only service available to patients at Family Care!  Curious about essential oils? Interested in herbal therapy?  You are in the right place!

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