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Natalie's Story:
I know what it's like to dread your period.

9 Signs You Should You Use Acupuncture
to Help Your Period:

  1. You experience headaches or migraines before, during, after, or between your periods. 

  2. You have cramping or pain that limits you and makes it hard to enjoy life.

  3. You have mood swings, a short fuse, or you feel emotional, especially before your period.

  4. You have a heavy flow and you feel like it's draining your body of life.

  5. You feel exhausted before, during or after your periods.

  6. Your cycle is all over the place - sometimes it's heavy, sometimes it's really light, or you skip months.

  7. You have no idea when your period is coming next.

  8. You like something is definitely "Off" with your cycle or fertility, but your Doc says your tests are all fine and you aren't sure what to do next.

  9. You want to learn more about how to stay healthy and balance your hormones naturally, so you maintain a high quality of life and have flourishing women's health for as long as possible.

Let's Start Today!

Need Help for Bad Cramps RIGHT NOW?
Try these 3 Techniques at Home for $FREE

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Take a warm bath. Add epsom salt if you have it. Add Marjoram and Clary Sage Essential Oils if you are feeling extra. Can repeat during the day a as ne


Use a Castor Oil Pack.

Soak a cloth in Castor Oil and apply it over the uterus area on the abdomen. Cover with plastic wrap and apply a heating pad. Rest for 60 min. Use as needed.


Try Gentle Yoga. I love this Yoga with Adrienne Video!

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