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Natalie's Story:
I know what it's like to dread your period.

9 Signs You Should You Use
Acupuncture to Help Your Period:

  1. You experience headaches or migraines with PMS, ovulation, or your period.

  2. You have cramping or pain that limits you and makes it hard to enjoy life.

  3. You get emotional, have a short fuse, or feel irritable before your period.

  4. You have a heavy flow and it feels like it's draining your body of life and energy.

  5. You feel exhausted during or after your periods.

  6. Your cycle is not regular. It's alternates from being heavy flow, to being light the next month, and sometimes skips months or is late or early.

  7. You see some weird stuff with you period blood, and you worry about it. Stringy clots in the menstrual blood, lots of big or small clots in the menstrual blood, mucus, menstrual clots changing colors month to month from black to purple to red to brown, or other strange symptoms.

  8. You have no idea when your period is coming next.

  9. You like something is "off" with your hormones or fertility, but your MD says your tests are all fine. 

Let's Start Today!

Need Help for Cramps Now?

Try These 3 Home Care Strategies for Menstrual Cramps

Image by Roberto Nickson

Take a Warm Bath

Add 2 cups of epsom salt if you have it. For more relief, add Marjoram, Clary Sage, Peppermint, or Helichrysm Essential Oils.  Soak for 30 minutes. Repeat during the day a as necessary.

Sad asian young woman is holding a heati

Use a Castor Oil Pack

Soak a cloth in Castor Oil and apply it over the uterus on the low abdomen. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap to prevent oil stains, and place a heating pad over the castor oil pack. Rest for 60 min. or longer.  To learn more, watch: HOW TO STOP PERIOD CRAMPS with Castor Oil Packs - YouTube

Image by Dane Wetton

Try Gentle Yoga

Gentle stretching can improve circulation and reduce pain. Try Yoga with Adriene! She's my favorite Yogi on Youtube: Yoga for Cramps and PMS | 20-Minute Home Yoga - YouTube

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