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An Acupuncture visit at Family Care Acupuncture and Health Center may include a combination of services from the following menu during your appointment, in addition to Acupuncture therapy. Your insurance may or may not cover all the services listed here. Services not covered by your insurance may be added to your appointment for an additional fee. Please inquire about your insurance coverage before your appointment if you have any questions.  

Curious About What to Expect at Your First Visit?

First: Prepare for your appointment

  • Make sure you eat before your visit. Eating a light snack before you appointment prevents blood sugar drops during your Acupuncture treatment.  Low blood sugar can make you feel light headed, nauseus, or weak/faint, and all these complications can be avoided by eating a snack before your appointment.  

  • ​Drink a glass of water before you come into the office.  Being hydrated helps prevent side effects and benefits your treatment.​

  •  Wear loose fitting clothes.  Pants that can easily be pulled over your knees and overall comfortable clothing is preferred.  Avoid wearing tights or tight fitting pants.

  • ​Write down your general or specific questions, and bring them to your appointment. Your Acupuncturist is happy to discuss your health concerns and questions during your visit.​

  • Pack your insurance information and ID so you can share it with the office upon arrival.  

  • ​Fill out the new patient paperwork online to save time.. and save a tree.

Next: During your appointment

  • Begin the visit by talking to about your health concerns and asking related questions.

  • Your Acupuncturist will ask you additional health questions to gain a better understanding of your medical history and current health status.

  • Your Acupuncturist will discuss their thoughts about your condition and explain the treatment options and answer any questions you have.

  • Your Acupuncturist will administer your treatment(s) and give you after care instructions.


Last: After your appointment


  • You will check out with the office manager and pay for your visit as required.

  • You will have an opportunity to schedule follow up appointments as recommended by your Acupuncturist. 


Do you have any other questions? Just give us a call!

We can even check your benefits!


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