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New Patient Paperwork is available online through the Patient Portal. 

Please fill out and digitally sign all of the forms under the "Forms" tab, including:

  1. Contact Information

  2. New Patient Intake Form

  3. Treatment Consent Form

  4. Clinic Policies



Paper forms are also available in the office. 

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early if you will be filling out the paperwork at your first appointment.

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United Healthcare

Pacific Source


Medishield PSN

Oregon Standard


Car Accident Injuries?


We accept PIP from your car insurance policy!

What to expect and how to prepare for your appointment

Why are new patient appointments 75 min long?  

 The Acupuncturist must take time to learn about the patient before a personalized treatment plan can be developed.  The first 30 minutes are spent discussing the your health concerns. The next 45 minutes of your appointment will include a full Acupuncture treatment. 


What is included in a full Acupuncture treatment?

An Acupuncture Treatment includes Acupuncture and/or Bodywork including: Essential Oils Therapy, Cupping, Guasha, or Moxibustion.  The treatment plan and relevant clinical information will be discussed with the patient before treatment begins, and any appropriate treatments will be explained to the patient's satisfaction before beginning the treatment.  Vitamins/Supplements/Chinese Herbal Recommendations may also be given as necessary or requested.  See About Chinese Medicine to learn more!


Are the needles safe? Are they re-used?

All Acupuncture needles in the US are sterile, single use, stainless steel needles.  We do not re-use or sterilize needles between patients.  All needles are disposed in the appropriate SHARPS container.


How do I prepare for my appointment?



1. Make sure you eat before your visit.

Eating a light snack before you appointment prevents blood sugar drops during your Acupuncture treatment.  Low blood sugar can make you feel light headed, nauseus, or weak/faint, and all these complications can be avoided by eating a snack before your appointment.  

2. Drink a glass of water before you come into the office.  

Being hydrated helps prevent side effects and benefits your treatment.

3. Wear loose fitting clothes.  

Pants that can easily be pulled over your knees and overall comfortable clothing is preferred.  Avoid wearing tights or tight fitting pants.

4. Write down your general or specific questions, and bring them to your appointment.

Your Acupuncturist is happy to discuss your health concerns and questions during your visit.

5. Bring your insurance information and ID with you. 

6. Fill out the new patient paperwork online to save time.. and save a tree.

The new patient paperwork just takes about 15 minutes to complete. Bonus: having the forms filled out before your appointment helps us get ready for your first visit and helps us stay on time.  

7. Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my appointment?

Sure!  Whatever makes you comfortable works for us.